What are my voting options?
  • By mail, beginning 78 days prior to the election date.  You must complete and submit an Official Absentee Ballot Application no later than 11 days prior to the election date. Ballots will be mailed beginning 29 days prior to the election date.
  • In person Early Voting beginning 21 days prior to most elections at the Nowell Recreation Center located at 201 W Spring Street in Monroe and at Meridian Park located at 101 Generation Blvd in Loganville.  The hours for Early Voting are Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 p.m. and two Saturdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • At your assigned polling place on Election Day from 7am-7pm

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1. What are my voting options?
2. What are the acceptable types of photo ID for voting?
3. Do I need my precinct card to vote?
4. If I believe I have received the wrong ballot or I have a question about what is on my ballot, what do I do?
5. May I receive assistance at the polls?
6. Can I take my child to the polls with me?
7. Can I wear a campaign button into the polling place?
8. If I don’t vote on a candidate or question, will my other votes still be counted?
9. Can I vote anywhere in Georgia even if I don’t live here? I can vote a provisional ballot, right?
10. What is the difference between a special election, a primary election, and a general election?
11. Why do I have to choose a party?
12. What if I want to vote, but don’t want to choose a party?
13. Does my party choice in the Primary Election have any bearing on my choices in the November General Election?
14. If I voted in a particular party’s primary, may I switch to the other party for the runoff?
15. If I don’t vote in the primary, may I vote in the runoff?
16. If I vote in the Nonpartisan Election during the initial voting, may I participate in a party runoff?
17. If I don’t vote in the Primary or Runoff, can I still vote in the November General Election?
18. Where do I vote?
19. When can I vote on Election Day?