Last Name
First Name
Hair Color
Eye Color
Conviction Date
Conviction State
SamplesLogan Michael22506200HBlkBroChild Molestation       LEVEL 106/19/2015Georgia701 Charleston Ct, Monroe GA  30655SamplesLM
SanchezRichard Don55507200WBlkBroSexual Battery
04/25/2012Georgia235 Alcovy St,
Monroe GA 30655
SanchezRD Opens in new window
SareniusJimmy Clyde25508145WBroBroChild Molestation/ Entice Child for Indecent Purposes/Criminal Attempt to Commit Felony
02/05/2014Georgia1316 Woodland Drive,
Oxford GA 30054
SareniusJC Opens in new window
SargentRyan O’Neil25508168WBroBluChild Molestation/Statutory Rape                       NOT LEVELED12/18/2013GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONSargentRyan Opens in new window
SchubeleRicky Nelson36509155WBroHazAggravated Assault W/Intent to Rape
07/12/2007Georgia782 US Hwy 78, Monroe GA 30655SchubeleRN
SchweighardtMark Christopher44600190WBroGrnSexual Battery         NOT LEVELED08/07/1997Florida3081 Black Fox Dr, Loganville GA 30052Schweighardt Opens in new window
ScottMarquias Ladamen25507275BBlkBroSexual Battery Against Child Under 16 YOA                   NOT LEVELED02/04/2016Georgia1735 Brushcreek Dr, Monroe GA 30655ScottML
ScottRonald Davis53504130WBroBluAggravated Child Molestation             NOT LEVELED03/05/1991Georgia1133 A Gliding Ln, Monroe GA 30655ScottRonald Opens in new window
SeagleWalter Robert40511135WBroBluChild Molestation     LEVEL 207/24/2008GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONSeagleWalter Opens in new window
SeatsEugene59506165BBlkBroChild Molestation, Statutory Rape/ Incest                       NOT LEVELED 09/11/2006Georgia460 Holly St, Social Circle GA 30025SeatsEugene Opens in new window
ShugartRussell Mell65507170WGryBroChild Molestation       NOT LEVELED02/17/1992Georgia2274 Highway 11 NW, Monroe GA 30656ShugartRM Opens in new window
SimmonsMaurice Alexander37601185BBlkBroStatutory Rape         NOT LEVELED               01/25/2001Georgia329 Magnolia Ln, Monroe GA 30655SimmonsMaurice Opens in new window
SimmonsWilliam Shawn42506250WGryHazSexual Exploitation of Children               NOT LEVELED11/21/2010Georgia5445 Hightower Trl, Oxford GA  30054SimmonsWS
SmithJames Brayon52509168WBroBluChild Molestation     LEVEL 2  10/19/2000GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATION
SmithJames Opens in new window
SmithKenneth Lamont29510170BBlkBroChild Molestation     LEVEL 2   01/17/2014GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONSmithKenneth Opens in new window
SproseWilliam Oliver54507180WGryHazAggravated Sodomy/Child Molestation             PREDATOR02/05/1993Georgia689 Nicole Ct, Monroe GA 30655
SproseW Opens in new window
SquiresStephen Bernard59601255WBroBluAggravated Assault LEVEL 110/31/2011Georgia188 Lower Jersey Rd, Covington GA 30014SquiresSB Opens in new window
StarksKenneth Dewayne59511215BBlkBroChild Molestation     NOT LEVELED02/21/1992Georgia3930 Double Springs Rd, Monroe GA 30656StarksKD Opens in new window
StarnesEdgar Autry58509183WBroGrnChild Molestation/ Sodomy                   NOT LEVELED07/23/1990Georgia3293 Greystone Dr, Loganville GA 30052StarnesEdgar Opens in new window
StewartPreston Andrew52506155WRedHazSexual Battery Against Child Under 16 YOA                   NOT LEVELED08/19/2014Georgia409 James Huff Rd, Monroe GA
StinsonJames Terry65600235WGryGrnSodomy/Sexual Battery                     NOT LEVELED06/29/2001Georgia2061 Kari Brook Rd, Monroe GA 30655
StinsonJT Opens in new window
StoneDarron Ranard20507210BBlkBroAggravated Child Molestation/Child Molestation        NOT LEVELED11/19/2018Georgia409 James Huff Rd, Monroe GA 30656StoneDR
StuddardSammy Joe59511255WBldBroRape/Aggravated Assault/Kidnapping NOT LEVELED 05/15/1984Georgia226 Carwood Dr, Monroe GA 30655StuddardSJ
SuttonJames Hobert IV45506190WGryBluSexual Battery         NOT LEVELED05/19/2015Georgia1180 Fairview Dr, Monroe GA 30656SuttonJH Opens in new window
SwintonStanley Leo61602190BBldBroRape                         NOT LEVELED11/22/1991New York4475 Branchwood Ct, Loganville GA 30052SwintonStanley Opens in new window