Last Name
First Name
Hair Color
Eye Color
Conviction Date
Conviction State
MalcomFredrickus Cornelius37600214BBlkBroStatutory Rape     NOT LEVELED12/09/2016Georgia529 Eagle Ct, Monroe GA 30655MalcomFred
MalcomQuinton Pernell58507170BBlkBroUnlawful Sexual Conduct With Minor                     PREDATOR05/24/2000Ohio828 Hickory Dr, Monroe GA 30655MalcomQuinton2 Opens in new window
MarableAlpha Leviticus35506187BBlkBroStatutory Rape     LEVEL 211/19/2003Georgia1928 Walton Rd, Monroe GA 30655MarableAL
Martin-WilliamsShawn Michael37509175WBroBroSexual Exploitation of Children               NOT LEVELED06/18/2014Georgia1476 River Falls View, Monroe GA 30655Martin-Williams Opens in new window
MathisAlonzo Termaine34601200BBlkBroStatutory Rape     NOT LEVELED03/13/2003GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONMathisAlonzo Opens in new window
MaxwellArdavius Quavon26605198BBlkBroStatutory Rape     NOT LEVELED03/15/2015Georgia1155 John Deere Rd, Monroe Ga 30656MaxwellArdavius - Copy
MaySean Thamar34511185WBroBroStatutory Rape     NOT LEVELED06/28/2012Georgia383 Bay Creek Rd, Loganville GA 30052MaySean Opens in new window
MayerMichael Todd46511250WRedHazChild Molestation  NOT LEVELED01/22/1992Georgia1210 Mt Paron Ch Rd, Monroe GA 30655MayerMT
McClainLewis Allen36603270WBroBluSexual Exploitation of Minor                   NOT LEVELED08/04/2008Georgia150 Paul Smith Rd, Covington GA 30014McClainLewis Opens in new window
McCullersUriah David42511274WBroBluSexual Exploitation of Child                   NOT LEVELED08/11/2016Georgia1559 Lee Peters Rd, Loganville GA  30052McCullersUD
McCurdy-WalkerJohn William27506200WBroBroPossession Child Pornography       NOT LEVELED10/9/19GeorgiaINCARCERATED OUT OF STATE
McDanielBobby Garner48505145WBroHazAggravated Sodomy          NOT LEVELED11/20/1996Georgia380 Tanners Bridge Rd, Monroe GA 30656McDanielBobby
McDanielJames Steven36600180WBroBluChild Molestation/Sexual Exploitation of Children
07/11/2003Georgia4445 Bay Creek Rd, Loganville GA  30052
McDanielJS Opens in new window
MicklerJerry Douglas61506200WBroBluChild Molestation NOT LEVELED10/01/1999GeorgiaLOCAL JAIL INCARCERATION
MillerJeremiah Christian43600270WBroBroChild Molestation NOT LEVELED09/02/1999GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONMillerJeremiah Opens in new window
MischkeCharles Richard58602220WGryHazIncest                   NOT LEVELED07/09/2010Georgia616 Sherry Ln, Loganville GA 30052MischkeCharles Opens in new window
MladekMichael Anthony56508182WBroHazIncest                   LEVEL 210/10/2011Georgia1602 Annas Way, Monroe GA 30656MladekMA Opens in new window
MontgomeryJerry O’Neal56600173WGryHazChild Molestation   NOT LEVELED07/07/2003Georgia306 Walker Dr, Monroe GA 30655MontgomeryJerry Opens in new window
MontgomeryKevin Frederick54603235WBroBluChild Molestation  NOT LEVELED09/17/2015Georgia1090 Summerset Ct, Monroe GA 30656MontgomeryKF
MorganCharles Demarcuse21509175BBlkBroStatutory Rape      NOT LEVELED07/03/2018Georgia1387 Grady Lemonds Rd,  Social Circle GA 30025MorganCD
MorganMichael Dewayne44600240WGryBluChild Molestation NOT LEVELED06/30/2000GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATIONMorganMichael
MorrisonAnthony Bernard57506146BBlkBroChild Molestation/Sexual Battery                 NOT LEVELED03/24/2005Georgia8220 Shadow Creek Dr, Bethlehem GA 30620MorrisonAnthony Opens in new window
MoselyDaniel Kevin49602240WBroHazChild Molestation
03/10/2007Georgia515 Sand Dra Way, Monroe GA 30656MoselyDaniel
MurrellRaymond Casey29507166WBroHazStatutory Rape     NOT LEVELED11/22/2011GeorgiaSTATE INCARCERATION