Walton County Government

In case of an emergency...

Dial: 911

What should you tell the 911 dispatcher?

A description of the incident: Please be as concise as possible and make sure to describe the patient's condition (i.e. alert, unresponsive, etc.)

Information about the patient: Give the patient's age and gender, if known.

Location of the incident: Please give a detailed location. If possible, have a bystander wait outside EMS to the scene.

Remember to stay on the line until the dispatcher hangs up. The dispatcher may need more information from you after dispatching EMS. Make sure you speak calmly and slowly so the dispatcher conveys the correct information to EMS.

While you are waiting for EMS to arrive...

Give first aid, only if you are trained to do so.

Your safety is your number one priority. If you feel unsafe, leave the scene until law enforcement arrives. Otherwise, do not leave the patient.

Help is on the way, so remain calm. When EMS arrives, let the EMTs care for the patient appropriately. Do not get in the medics' way unless they specifically ask you for help.