Walton County Sheriff Office

Want to help but your home is full? There are other ways to help!

Donate Direct to the Shelter
Being a small government-run shelter, our budget is quite limited. All of the vaccinating, heartworm testing and other medical care is supported by donations. Heartworm testing, vaccinations, deworming and flea treatment greatly increase an animals chance at rescue or adoption. It helps reduce the costs to non-profit rescues that may pull the animal, or enhances adoptions without increasing adoption fees. A small $25 donation will vaccinate, deworm, heartworm test and flea treat at least one dog! We accept credit card donations over the phone.  Please call 770-267-1322 during weekday business hours or email for details. We also accept mailed checks made payable to Walton County Animal Control at 1411 S. Madison Avenue, Monroe GA 30655. Receipts are provided upon request.

Pledge a Rescue Donation (sponsor) for a Dog or Cat

Sponsorships are donation promises for a specific dog or cat to the approved rescue that saves a specific pet. All the rescues that work with our shelter are non-profit organizations, and many times finances are their main limiting factor in saving more animals. Therefore, donation pledges may increase an animal’s chance of being rescued. Simply send an email stating how much you will donate to the licensed and approved rescue that saves a posted animal.  If/when the animal is rescued, we will give you the contact information to make the donation directly to the rescue.

A Note on Sponsorships and Rescues
: as we do not solicit the sponsorships nor personally know many of the sponsors, the shelter cannot guarantee the delivery of any donation. We transfer to GA Licensed Rescues or 501c3 out-of-state rescues. We trust that the GA Department of Agriculture is inspecting the groups they license, and that the IRS is holding accountable those groups it grants 501c3 status. We are not responsible for any misappropriation of donations as no funds ever go through the shelter's hands.

Supply Donations

Donations of everyday supplies help us reallocate money to our vaccination and medical care programs. 
We gratefully accept donations of the following items at the shelter:
- Paper towel rolls
- Bath towels and wash cloths (used or new)
- Bleach
- Dish detergent (Palmolive)
- Brooms
- Lysol or similar disinfectant spray
- Latex gloves (large)
- Frontline Flea Spray
- Adam’s Flea Shampoo
- Triple antibiotic ointment
Thanks to generous donations from Walmart, we generally have enough pet food and cat litter.