Walton County Sheriff Office

Animal Surrenders

Walton County Animal Control accepts surrendered dogs and cats from Walton County residents only. While we attempt to re-home animals, there is no guarantee that your pet will even be placed up for adoption. The average holding time is only one to eight days, but some may be put to sleep the very first day.

Surrendering your pet to the Animal Control Shelter should be the last resort! The best thing for your pet is to make adjustments or accommodations to keep your pet.If it is a matter of behavior, there are many simple tips on the Internet to controlling behavioral issues. If it is a matter of finances, there is a listing of discounted services on Walton Animal Guild's Programs Page.

If I surrender my cat, will it be put to sleep?

Sadly, the most likely answer is “yes”.
Because of the high numbers of cats and the low numbers of adopters, approximately 85% and higher of the cats surrendered to our shelter are put to sleep. In the spring and summer months, several litters of kittens are surrendered per day, making even cute little kittens likely to be euthanized. In 2010, 2073 cats were brought into our shelter and only 255 were adopted or rescued. A total of 1,818 cats were put to sleep!Cats that are already spayed/neutered and have current vaccinations may have a better chance of rescue or adoption. Unweaned kittens, pregnant cats, cats/kittens with URI or other health and temperament problems are generally not offered for adoption.

If I surrender my dog, will it get a new home?
The answer: there is no guarantee.
Through the help of rescue groups and the Internet, we have greatly reduced the euthanasia rate for dogs. Still, an average of 50% of the dogs that come in to the shelter are euthanized. In 2010, 991 dogs had to be put to sleep. In the spring and summer months, many litters are brought in simultaneously, putting even cute puppies at risk. When facing the high numbers, there are aren’t enough homes that can be found in such a rapid time. (Get your dogs altered before they have pups!) Dogs may have a better chance of being re-homed if they are already spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, and are heartworm negative.

Surrender Hours
Dogs and cats may be surrendered to the shelter Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 11:45 am, and from 1:00 pm to 4:45 pm. Surrenderer must be 18 years old and provide photo identification verifying Walton County residence (i.e. current driver’s license). No exceptions. Animal Control does not pick up pets; owners must bring them to the shelter to complete the proper paperwork.