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Planning & Development

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Comprehensive Land Use Introduction

Comprehensive Land Use Community Agenda

Comprehensive Land Use Community Assessment


***Zoning and Parcel Information *** can be obtained at  -  www.georgiagis.com/Walton

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Mission Statement

To guide and regulate the orderly growth, development, redevelopment and preservation of Walton County in accordance with a well-considered comprehensive plan and with long-term objectives, principles and standards deemed beneficial to the interest and welfare of the people.


Land Development Ordinance Revised 4-1-14

Appendix to Land Development Ordinance

Walton County Occupational Tax Ordinance
Walton County Construction Code 2002
Walton County Sign ordinance 7-5-05

Walton County Graffiti Ordinance 6-7-11

Storm Water Drainage Maintenance Policy
Standard Design Details 
Fee Schedule

Impact Fee Ordinance

Updated Impact Fees 2011

2006-10-03 CIE Update

Alcohol Beverage Ordinance

Performance and Maintenance Bond Information

Ordinance Regulations

Subcontractor Information

Subcontractor Affidavit
REGISTRATION FORM  for Subcontractors

Building Packet Information

Residential Building Packet

Manufactured Home Packet

Commercial Building Packet

Planning Commission 

meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM    




PC Member List                                                        

2014 Planning Commission Deadlines                        

Rezone Application                                                           

Conditional Use Application

Application to Amend Comprehensive Land Use Plan             

Planning Commission Agenda for August 7, 2014

Case Z14070004            Case CU14070008

Board of Appeals

meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM

Board of Appeals Member List

2014 Board of Appeals Deadlines

Variance or Appeal Application

Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda for August 19, 2014

Case V14070006

Miscellaneous Applications

Occupational Tax Application (Business License)   Development Permit Application       Sign Permit


Alcohol Beverage Application               ADMINSTRATIVE VARIANCE

Miscellaneous Permit Application          RENEWAL APPLICATION for Alcohol Beverage License

Special Administrative Permit                 Development Review Checklist


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